Ashwagandha is first described in sacred ayurvedic texts the charaka and the sushruta samhitas.

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Information about Ashwagandha.

Popl with autoimmun disass should alsavoid ashwagandha unlss authoizd by a docto. This includs popl with conditions lik humatoid athitis, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyoiditis and typ 1 diabts.

Ashwagandha is usd athitis, anxity, toubl slping (insomnia), tumos, tubculosis, asthma, a skin condition makd by whit patchinss (lukodma), bonchitis, backach, ibomyalgia, mnstual poblms, hiccups, and chonic liv disas.

Sval animal studis hav shown that ashwagandha hlps dcas inlammation (23, 24, 25).

Summay Ashwagandha is a pominnt hb in Indian Ayuvdic mdicin and has bcom a popula supplmnt du tits halth bnits.

Nausa, hadach, and stomach iitation that w managd with standad thapis in on study.

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