Plaquenil may interact with acetaminophen, cancer medications, tuberculosis medications, birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, arthritis medications, ace inhibitors, antibiotics, antifungals, cholesterol medications, hiv aids medications, nsaids non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , or seizure medications.

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Kidney diseaseIf you have kidney diseaseyou may need a lower dose of this medicationTalk to your doctor about how this medication may affect your medical conditionhow the medical condition may affect the dosing and effectiveness of this medicationand whether any special monitoring is needed.

Headachedizzinessnauseavomitingdiarrheaabdominal painvisual disturbancesrashirreversible retinopathyQT prolongationmyopathyneuropathyhypoglycemiamay be severeblood dyscrasiasdiscontinue if occurraresuicidal behavior.

Blood sugar levelsHydroxychloroquine may cause hypoglycemialow blood sugar levelsPeople with diabetes may find it necessary to monitor their blood sugar more frequently while using this medicationPeople without diabetes have also been known to experience low blood sugars while taking hydroxychloroquineIf you experience signs of low blood sugarcold sweatcool pale skinheadacheor weaknesscontact your doctor immediately.

Treatment of uncomplicated PfalciparumPmalariaePoraleand Pvivax malariaProphylaxis of malaria in areas with no chloroquine resistance.

Skeletal muscle palsies or skeletal muscle myopathy or neuromyopathy leading to progressive weakness and atrophy of proximal muscle groups which may be associated with mild sensory changesdepression of tendon reflexes and abnormal nerve conduction.

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